28: Inconsistent and I. 


“Lacking in harmony between the different parts or elements; self-contradictory:

an inconsistent story.”

The definition you’ve just read is from Dictionary.com, and that word has gripped my writing process for too long! My last entry into this blog was July 17th—last year (I believe), and that’s far too long of a gap. Very inconsistent. But that word will no longer restrain my writing aspirations. 

“Why?” You ask—but not really. 

The reasoning is simple: Something my cousin said to me came with a whirlwind of sense. I was confounded; yet, I was swept away. 

I’ll reveal what she actually said shortly. 

However, her words— the particular cousin I’m referring to is female—are correlated to what my classmate said to me while I was in college. I believe I mentioned what this classmate said before, in a prior post; nevertheless, my classmate’s direct quote was, “You were put on this earth to help people.” She told me this while . . . I was helping her with a project. 

But I’ll never forget those words because that is one of the very reasons why I entered fashion—and I told no one that sentiment (until now, ha!). My thinking was this: If I can design garments to create a sense of joy and wonderment to the person wearing my designs: I’ll be one happy person. That thinking was a major driving force in which I decided my career upon. Simply to help people. 

And that’s very similar to what my cousin told me recently. She said, “You should start an advice blog.” 

I thought to myself, “I already have a blog. I guess it’s not that hard to convert it to an advice blog.” 

If you know me in this thing called “real life,” it’s a high chance I’ve offered you advice. So with that: I’ve decided to offer advice to people I haven’t yet met—which reduces the chance of a biased opinion. So with that, given that (lol): I’ve decided to make this an advice blog! 

Ask me anything! 

My varied experiences in life has made me agile in handling different situations; I’m open and reasonable. You’ll get an honest response. 

If you’re interested email me: contact.fordshamon@gmail.com. That’s for private answers. If you like your question answered in the broad OPEN leave your question here or tweet me: @FordShamon

But all of this is my advice; do as you please. 

Best regards, Shamon


27: Whew!

Long time no talk to, right? Well, how is everyone? I feel kinda bad because I was/am suppose to post fashion reviews, right? Well, (not making any promises), I think I can do those when my eBook is released!

And speaking about my eBook, here’s something regarding my fantasy novella. My email list, which I believe, you can subscribe here: http://eepurl.com/ZOoqD (Until I can fix the link, copy and paste it, extreme apologies!)

I’m literally just starting it, that’s if I still have people viewing my blog! But I thank everyone that ever followed my blog (and the ones that no longer follow me), because it made me appreciate every like and reblog—and the related! It’s almost as if I’m staring over since I’ve been gone so long. However a lot has happened in my life, a lot of things I can’t control. Yet, I’m still saying thank you!

And if I’m starting over, let me (re) introduce myself! My name is Shamon Ford. I’m a fashion designer (legit) and a writer—and soon to be author. Thanks for reading!


26: Unconventional…unintentional?

Where is the fashion reviews you ask? Well, I figured I post too inconsistently to declare certain things, however; I can say this: after my first eBook is published, I will spend more time here!

All of my efforts have been I to this, my other blog: http://chroniclesofsuccess.wordpress.com

On that blog I post about the upbringing of my book, it’s fantasy.

As always, thanks in advance for everything! Especially if you are still following after all of these months!


24: Unconventional…unintentional?

Hello everyone! This post gathers information from what I said on my last post: fashion reviews—with randomness here and there!

I haven’t fully decided the format of my reviews, but please do, expect them in the coming days. I’m a fashion designer and I like to write—merge the two, no? I might take a few looks I like/find interesting, and sum up my thoughts in 200-250: maybe. We shall see!

As always, thanks in advance for everything!


This specific title, I will hereby change it’s meaning: anything I find interesting or noteworthy. Initially, it pertained to various things I found while I’m online, but I will change it to anything!

With that in mind, let me say this, the pictures you see is a screen cap from an app. Entitled “50 Music.” It tunes into an over abundance of radio stations from the world! In a way like Pandora, but I use it in the since to find new artist and genres. Speaking about the radio stations, the app contains stations that play songs, background music, soundtracks, musicals—everything! I’ve discovered many new artists, many by which, without the app, would still remain in the shadows from me! If you enjoy the art of music, soundtracks, anything, I recommend this. This is not a public calling of any kind, just a person spreading the word about a good hub for all types of music!

As always, thanks in advance!


22: ‘Twas A Hilarity!